Community Service and International Mission trips

  • During Fall and Spring semesters, LCM students engage in community service opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, Humane Society, and Tucson Food Bank. Usually one per month, on a Saturday morning. 
  • SPRING BREAK 2020 (March 7-15)

    We’re inviting 10-15 students on an immersion trip to Jordan for Spring Break 2020. We propose a “prepare/learn + travel/experience + reflect/share” model. Our trip has 3 parts: First, we will have 6-8 prep meetings where we will bond as a group and learn about the region. We will experience the Lutheran World Federation’s incredible work in Jordan, especially serving the Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp and volunteer in their youth center. Next, we will explore sacred sites (including Mt Nebo, Jesus’ Baptismal site, Dead Sea Scrolls & King Abdullah’s Mosque). Finally, we visit the ancient “The Rose City” of Petra then travel with the Bedoins on a desert adventure in Wadi Rum. Cost will be around $700, with fundraising opportunities available. More details soon—we hope you consider this once in a lifetime opportunity. ***In case you (or parents) are worried about safety, Jordan is the safest country to visit in the Middle East and has the same safety rating (US Dept. of State) as Germany & France.

Why go on these international trips?

Aldous Huxley wrote: “to travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” We try to be hosted by local people as much as possible, in order for us to be able to see their country/religion/life/land through their eyes. These trips become an important part of the college experience. Hope you can participate! We try to keep the costs as affordable for students as possible. 

Another reason for these trips comes from a paraphrase by Rick Steves. “If you want to live a fear-filled life, here’s how: 1) never leave the United States, and 2), get your view of the world from the news media and (some) politicians.”

LCM Spring Break trips:   

2020 – Jordan! 

2018 – Germany (Martin Luther/Reformation sites, Berlin, Buchenwald Nazi Death Camp, German history and culture, and more.) 

2016 – Thailand (inter-faith and inter-cultural trip engagement with Buddhism and Islam).  

2105 – Juarez, Mexico (under the guidance of Casas por Cristo we constructed/donated a 11′ x 22′ two room house for a family – Reuben, Luci, Carlos – including raising $5,000 for the construction materials. 

2014 – Haiti (our hearts and faith were stretched as we cared for severely handicapped children at St. Joseph’s Orphanage

2012 – Palestine/Israel (explored biblical sites in Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem. Interacted with Palestinian Christians to gain insight into current political struggles.   

2010 – Germany (explored sites connected with Martin Luther and the 16th Century Reformation – Eisleben, Erfurt, Wittenberg, Wartburg Castle. Toured Buchenwald Nazi concentration/death camp. 

2007 – Guatemala (construction project in Guatemala City). 

2005 – Costa Rica (construction project at a camp for Nicaraguan refugees working in the banana industry). 

2003 – Panama (construction project building a Church building).